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Van Houten Chocolate

Van Houten Chocolate

300 cups in a case 

Van Houten Chocolate

All of Eurocup's In-cup products are made from the finest ingredients from top brand famous names. Make your choice from tea or coffee, chocolate, soup, or even a refreshing fruit drink.
We offer more than a dozen drink varieties-including cappuccino and, exclusively, three choices of Nescafe Gold Blend coffee-strong, medium or mild(Latte).
Our real tea from Tetley and P.G. provides the homely touch of a tea bag in the cup-and Cadbury's drinking chocolate and our lemon tea are available for a refreshing change.
Our tasty soups from the House of Knorr make ideal winter warmers.
And to quench your thirst in the summer there's a range of blackcurrant, orange and lemon flavoured drinks.

     Extensive range.
     Top brands
     Hermetically sealed sleeves ensuring freshness and a long shelf life.
     Over a dozen drink varieties available.
     Hot and cold drinks available.

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