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Olympian III The Olympian lll offers excellent value for money in a loose ingredient dispensing machine. Its compact size and superb styling is ideal for those customers who wish to use china cups or mugs, but recognise the cost savings and convenience that only a vending solution can bring.

For a delicious and refreshing hot drink, this loose ingredient based machine offers users a choice of 3 main and 2 secondary ingredients.

Drink selection is simplicity itself with an incredibly user friendly push button system.
The user simply positions their cup under each required ingredient and presses to dispense.

Hot water is programmable to either free on demand or one-touch automatic cup fill.
Electronically controlled internal sugar dispenser available for either pre-packed bottles or refillable jar.

Free vend machine as standard.
Can be specified to have full electronic coin mechanism.
Separately lockable cash box.

Ideal machine for users wishing to retain china cups or mugs, but desiring the convenience of a vending machine solution.
Ingredient volumes are individually adjustable for each selection.
Can be used with pre-packed ingredient bottles or refillable jars.
Internal plastic cup dispenser.
Optional side mounted in-cup leaf tea dispenser if required.

Machine Specifications

Selections : 3 main ingredients plus 2 secondary
Plastic cup dispenser : 110 cups total
Ingredients : pre-packed bottles (1 ltr) or refillable jars (1.1 ltr)

Machine : 560mm x 550mm x 385mm
Cabinet (optional) : 560mm x 910mm x 550mm
Machine & Cabinet : 560mm x 1460mm x 550mm

Machine : 32Kg
Cabinet : 24Kg

220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase
2.5 kW, 13 A plug fuse
Machine fitted with 1.7 metre mains lead

Hand filled or connected to a mains water supply
Mains water connection via 3/4 BSP fitting
(connection hose available)
Mains water pressure 1.5 - 10 bar (0.15 Mpa - 1 Mpa)

Available as either free vend machine, or with full electronic coin
mechanism which accepts all coins and token
Accumulated credit allows multiple vends to be made
Free vend override switch

Matching base cabinet providing large and convenient storage space
and converting machine to floor standing
IceBreak can machine offering five selections of 135 ice cold cans
Water pump for superior drink mixing
(highly recommended)
Side mounted In-Cup Leaf Tea dispenser
High quality water filtration system for optimum drink quality

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