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Finance agreements arranged on your Vending Coffee / Tea Machine

Why Lease?

Maintains cash flow in your business

Leasing enables the cost of goods to be spread over a maximum term of 7 years.

This maintains cash within your business, which can be utilised for other means.

Fixed payments throughout the term

This assists when planning budgets, as repayments are fixed on day one. It also combats any future interest rate rises, as rates are fixed throughout.

100% finance

Leasing often provides you with finance for the total cost of a project including installation, training and other associated costs. Agreements can have equal repayments throughout the term with no requirement for large up front deposits that affect cash flow.

Tax advantages

Lease rental payments can attract 100% tax relief, if the equipment is depreciated over an equal or lesser term. This results in accelerated tax relief when compared to the capital attained when purchasing the equipment outright. To see an example of this, in full mathematical glory please click here or alternatively speak to your accountant.

Enables larger than originally planned purchases to be made

Because leasing spreads the cost of purchase, you may now be able to afford more than you previously thought. Or, alternatively, allow you to require more expensive, yet more efficient equipment. This can in turn improve your business and profitability quicker than anticipated.

Secured against the equipment purchased

This leaves other business or personal assets untouched and avoids fees associated with securing finance against property.

Maintains other credit lines

All agreements are ‘stand alone’ leaving current credit facilities in place. Leasing also prevents businesses purchasing on their overdrafts, which is considered poor business practice given the term that the equipment will be required.

Leasing can also help businesses financially manoeuvre outside of their current banking arrangements and often avoids security required with most other facilities.

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