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Darenth 1066 Auto Perfect for the medium to busy site, the 1066 Auto provides a large drink choice and its high capacity means that it will keep going when others demand refilling.

For a delicious and refreshing hot drink, this feature packed semi-automatic machine offers a wide
choice of 10 selections and a total capacity of 680 in-cup drinks.

Drink selection is simplicity itself with an incredibly user friendly push button system.
Indicator lights guide the user through every step of making their chosen drink.

Hot water as standard, both ambient and refrigerated cold water options are available.
Water selections can be programmed to provide free on demand, one-touch automatic cup fill
or part cup (espresso) variants.
Electronically controlled internal sugar dispenser, available for either pre-packed bottle or large size refillable jar.

Free vend machine as standard.
Can be specified to have electronic coin mechanism or full change-giver.
Price of each drink choice can be individually set.
Separately lockable cash box.
I-Key cashless payment system compatible.

Convenient internal stir stick dispenser.
Digital credit display with full audit facility to monitor the quantity and value of drinks taken.
Perfectly interfaces with IceBreak can vendor for a total refreshment solution.
Incredibly user friendly, high capacity and feature packed.
High security cup door mechanism - ideal for more difficult sites.

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